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2015 Liquid Force Envy

Aug 29, 2014

Author: SBC Kiteboard test team

2015 Liquid Force Envy
Size Tested: 8m
If the award had been given, the 2014 Liquid Force Envy might have received “Most Improved for 2014.” For 2014 it did, however, receive a well-deserved award as best the three-strut wakestyle kite. Coming off such a strong season we were surprised to see that the Envy received a significant makeover for 2015. The new Envy features a new arc and a dramatically narrower leading edge supported by an all-new bridle configuration. Its Max Flow and proven LF construction and sharp graphics return.
    On the water the new Envy feels immediately faster through the window. The kite is more responsive to rider input, offering much more better feel and more instantaneous turning than the previous year’s model. Like the 2014 Envy, the new Envy has nice smooth and readily accessible depower, decent low-end power and is a terrific overall performer. Turning radius is on the tight side for a freeride/freestyle kite, not as pivoty as a pure wave kite, but tighter and better than most pure freeride kites. The 2014 Envy is a proven design that’s won freestyle and rail contests and will hold its own in the waves. For 2015, Liquid Force has taken this great design and given it a significant tweak for the better.

The Trade-off
There are more stable kites, there’s better old-school big air-style kites, and there’s better pure waveriding kites, but the Envy offers a ton of performance for a lot of different conditions and riding styles, all in a simple and accessible package. It’s hard to find anything significantly wrong with it.

Best For
Riders who want a very high-performance do-anything kite that will work on any style board and in any conditions.


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