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2015 Core GTS3

Aug 29, 2014

Author: SBC Kiteboard test team

2015 Core GTS3
Sizes Tested: 9, 11m
With a two-year product release cycle for all their kites, the Core GTS3 has undergone a total redesign for 2015 and been transformed into a new three-strut design. Precise handling, light bar feel and excellent positional feedback are three traits that instantly stood out to us during our first sessions on the GTS3. The kite features relatively short bar travel to access the available depower but has less of an on off feel than most freeride models. Despite this the kite doesn’t have a grunty feeling low-end and still develops the power you need when you need it. The kite was great at staying upwind even in a dying wind that had us thinking we might need to swim. The GTS3 is one of the more rigid feeling three-strut designs on the market, with close to zero flutter.
    At first look the Sensor 2 bar is very light, but the bells and whistles don’t jump out at you. The complex simplicity of the Sensor 2 bar is simply amazing. The Titanium core makes the bar amongst the latest and stiffest we have ever tested. The lack of clutter on the bar makes winding lines at the end of a session effortless. Not to be overlooked is the unique dual-single-line safety system that speeds up relaunching, and the twisting quick release that is very easy to reset. The new bridle is also much more compact than on previous GTS models.

The Trade-off
The Core GTS3 lacks a low-end grunty feel that can be deceptive in lighter winds or when setting up for a trick. The Sensor 2 bar quick release takes some practise to use with its twist rather than a pull or push system. The internal inflation system that we love doesn’t work with some other brands newer pumps.

Best For
The Core GTS3 is a solid chameleon: equally at home freeriding, doing unhooked wakestyle, and some throwabout action in the surf.



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