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2013 Best TS v2 Review

May 3, 2013

Author: SBC Kiteboard Test Team

Sizes tested: 9, 12 m
Sizes available: 4.5, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17 m
Design features: 5-strut, 4-line, open C

2013 Best TS Review

The 2013 Best TS v2 has a crisp, more lively feel, with improved handling and more instant depower this year. This TS well equips the aspiring, “do- it-all” freerider, but maintains its edge for that core, unhooked wakestyle rider. The short, compact bridle and wide wing tips provide smooth power delivery, with formidable access to arm’s length depower that helps suck up gusts and maintain kite control. The TS also boasts impressive boosting capability, and combines solid feedback from the back lines with solid turn reactivity while kite remains above head. You can rely on this kite for soft and controlled landings.
    The 12-metre TS still favors the unhooked freestyle crowd, while the nine-metre crosses all boundaries with ease. Unhooked the TS is smooth and parks in the window easily, with a large sweet spot that lets you make the most out of each loaded-up, popped maneuver. The addition of new Double Core Rip Stop canopy material gives the kite a crisp feel out of the bag and in the air, and puts the Best TS v2 on par with the industry leaders.         The polish of the kites has improved, and the new TS looks and feels like its new materials will stay crispy and reactive through lots of abuse. The new bar also steps up the Best game, with new QR activation in the Pro Cuff quick release, which packages a more polished overall finish. The TS will let you expand your riding skills to new levels with no compromise in performance or safety.

- The TS may not be as perfect a wave weapon, but still doable
Tough to find fault with the TS, but it’s closer than ever to being a top all-terrain kite.
+ What the SBC Test Team raved about:
“The improvements in smooth power delivery, and overall depower make this kite a solid all-terrain kite with a special sprinkle of focus on unhooked, wakestyle.”
“This is the best Best kite I have ever ridden, with super solid feel, great wind range and turning speed.”

Cool Tech Features
- Reactive micro bridle
- Double Core Rip-stop
- RP Bar V3

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