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Best Kiteboarding 2013 Gear preview

Jan 28, 2013

Author: John Bryja

At BEST we’re not big on fancy corporate mission statements. We were each drawn to become part of the BEST family because we love board sports, we love innovative products, we demand quality and we only settle for first class service. Why not come and Ride With Us.

US/Canadian Website:
Customer service telephone number: Phone: +1.252.489.2959
Toll Free: +1.866.700.BEST
Customer service e-mail
Top team riders: Gisela Pulido, Kristin Boese, Michael Schitzhofer, Sam Medysky, Pedro Henrique, Youri Zoon and Lewis Crathern
Where are your products designed: Worldwide, R&D is headquartered in Guincho, Portugal
Warranty: The industries only LIFETIME fair and reasonable warranty.

Gear Highlights:

BEST have gone all out on new technology this year. This season BEST introduces Double Core RS an exclusive; double-stop canopy material that surpasses previously available cloths. Double Core RS blends BEST’s AIR-AID fiber and material coatings technology with a new double-stop weave using high tenacity filaments to deliver unmatched durability and tear resistance.

BEST’s 2013 twintip boards are all created using an exclusive Pre-Preg construction process that eliminates weak spots, voids and dead spots in the lay-up.  Manufactured using only the finest unidirectional glass and carbon fiber the 2013 line-up is stronger, stiffer, more responsive and up to 700 grams per size lighter than last years line-up.

BEST has a new surfboard line-up for 2013 using a new multi-layer foam coren for great feel underfoot and they all have ¾ length wood decks for lightweight ding resistance. They come in a full range of sizes and styles to cover almost every type of wave and rider.

2013 Best CaboCabo: Your search is over the new Cabo will help you charge every wave. A mid-aspect, tri-strut layout helps reduce kite weight and allows the Cabo to sit further back in the window with impeccable downwind drift - no matter how hard the wind is blowing.  The short, reactive micro bridle works in harmony with the tri-strut layout to maximize turning speed and feedback. An Open-C platform provides great stability with minimum bar pressure so you can commit 100% on any wave that you ride into.

Because big waves demand respect, we built the Cabo with our new Double Core RS canopy material, Canopy Framing Technology and 3D Kevlar Airframe construction. The Cabo is built Surf Tough to survive any wave that you can ride. 100% wave focused the Cabo will always let you find the perfect position on every wave for expressing your unique style.

Pro-creator: If the heaviest thing in your gear bag is the failure of losing your last competition heat then you need the Pro-Creator.

BEST looked at the ingredients that went into their Armada line-up and set about improving them in every department.  Stiffer, faster, stronger, more responsive under foot and up to 700 grams lighter than last year’s Armada the new Pro-creator is the smoothest riding and most durable twin-tip that we know how to make and it’s the #1 choice for our Global Team riders.

Rp-bar v3: Every molded part of the RP-Bar v3 has been re-engineered for 2013. The Pro-Cuff+ quick release provided the lowest release pressure of all the major brands tested by Afnor the French safety institute. It delivers simple, one handed safety activation even with flying line loads of 250kg the activation force for the Pro-Cuff+ QR never exceeds 5kg.

Two low friction Sacrifice Inserts eliminate friction and protect the center of the bar, helping to ensure you never have to replace another depower line. The Double-Depower Stopper lets you position your bar wherever you feel comfortable. The Redline Safety System gives you the option of left or right handed, single front line leashing and overrides the Dual Depower Stopper automatically.

We’ve kept the Big Ass Bar Ends for your safety and comfort and reformulated the EVA for more grip and less slip. With sleeved leader lines and low stretch, 700lb rated flying lines the RP-Bar v3 package is already the most loved  4-line bar we make.

Best Double CoreAre you employing any new technologies in the construction of your products? If so, what is it and how does it work for the rider?

BEST have two new technologies this season one for the kites and one for the boards.

Since delivering our first Cuben-equipped kite back in 2005 we’ve never slowed our materials R&D program. In 2011 we introduced our Air-Aid, Ripstop and Dacron fabrics which delivered crisper handling and improved durability through the use of advanced infusion fiber and fabric coatings. For 2013 we’ve taken this one step further by introducing Double Core RS, the ultimate double Ripstop canopy fabric.

Double Core RS weaves two high tenacity filaments into the Warp and Weft to deliver maximum resistance to tear propagation and improved bias load handling. Combine this innovative double-stop weave with our Air-Aid coating technology and you have a lightweight, responsive canopy material of unmatched strength and durability.

Double Core RS  delivers a unique combination of crisp handling and durability and is one of the reasons why BEST offers a LIFETIME warranty on every kite we sell.

TS Project from Best Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

team rider Rich Sabo introduces the Kahoona v5 and new Kahoona+

Team rider Rich Sabo introduces the the GP v2 C-kite

Short video explaining the features of the profanity v2 wakestyle board.


Short product video explaining the features of the new Pro-creator newschool twintip

Short product video explaining the features of the KB4Girls freeride/newschool twintip

Short product video explaining the tech features of the Armada v4 freeride twintip

RP | GP bars Project from Best Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

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