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Core Riot XR2 Crossride

Jul 16, 2012

Author: Shane Thompson

Core Riot XR2 Crossride
Sizes tested: 9 m
Sizes available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.5, 15 LW, 17 LW, 19 LW m
Design style: 4-line, 5-strut Delta hybrid

The Core Riot XR2 is the newly refined second generation of the company’s Crossride kite. The Riot features a delta hybrid shape that offers solid performance for the high spirited freeride rider who wants a kite to dial in some boosty airs with lots of smooth flying control and plenty of useable power and range. Test Team riders were impressed with the solid, flutter-free canopy and light touch steering of the Riot. It has a good amount of low-end power with its flat central canopy, which can also bring you some of the loftiest hang time available. A smooth pulling kite and with easy upwind drive, the Riot is responsive in its turn initiation and has consistent pull through the pivotal style loops. The Riot XR2 entices any general freerider who wants to boost lofty jumps and dabble in the waves. It soars good distances and responds quickly from overhead to allow soft landings from lofty jumps. With some trimming of the front lines, the Riot can also unhook and throw down some basic wakestyle moves, as well. The less compact but effective bridles can also be tuned for desired bar pressure and feedback. Advanced freestylers will look to Core’s GTS model for more balanced unhooked pull and pop, but the Riot has plenty of pop for unhooking newbies. The bar feel on the Riot is very narrow, aggressive and so lightweight it almost disappears in your hands. Good depower and easy reluanch will allow intermediate riders to progress quickly, and the Riot won’t disappoint or hold you back from any level of riding or discipline.

- Twisting loop release
The Core Sensor 4-line control bar is feather light and features a unique twisting release system that works smoothly and is safe to engage but takes time to adjust to over the more standardized push-away systems.

+ What the SBC Kiteboard Test Team liked
“I enjoyed  this kite for some huge soaring hang time. It responds well to commands, pulls smoothly through the loop, and is fairly comfortable unhooked with some good trim in place.”

Cool Tech Features
-   Single point, Speed Valve inflation
-   Intelligent ARC
-   Sensor bar


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