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2012/13 BWS Noise

Jul 12, 2012

Author: SBC Kiteboard Test Team

The new BWS Noise kite is a mid-season release that just missed SBC Kiteboard's head-to-head surf tests, but proved itself during our spring testing in Cape Hatteras, to be a high performance surf kite.

Sizes tested: 6, 8 m  
Sizes available: 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 m
Design style: 4-line SLE, 5 struts

The BWS Noise kite is designed for the wave specialist who seeks out performance that enhances the purest surf riding experience with a kite. Ben Wilson and his test team are some of the most accomplished waveriding pros dedicated to the true “surfboard” riding style, and have developed products to help shape this defined focus. Out of the heavy-duty compression bag, the Noise kite is clearly very solidly built and reinforced in all the right places to allow it to handle the added punishment of pounding surf and hectic sideshore winds. From the large chicken loop to the super thick flying lines, to the solid black canopy and top quality framing materials, everything built into the Noise inspires confidence that this setup won’t let you down in any size surf. In the air, the kite feels very solid and stable with a tight, flutter-free canopy. The power delivery is formidable: the kite pulls hard and clean upwind and lets you ride with a kite size smaller than most competing models. The Noise has the solid feedback in the bar pressure that provides the ideal amount of kite positioning but is not arm fatiguing. The kite canopy shaping is higher aspect, and you can swoop the kite through the turns to generate extra power to get out of hairy situations. Its turning speed is moderately fast but precise and stable; good wind range and solid pull; depowers well with quick and easy trimming above the bar. It is controllable and responsive even with heavy amounts of trim, and is very well balanced while unhooked. Any hardcore surf riding specialist who wants to experience everything waveriding has to offer should consider the BWS Noise.  

- Less instant depower and not as pivoty as some surf kites
Steering is precise and direct but doesn’t have as fast or tight pivot turns as some might prefer for hooked-in waveriding. Great range is available by adjusting the trim setting as opposed to instant sheet-out depower.

+ What the Test Team liked
“This kite has solid and stable power that fires you to the outside and back into the lineup easily. It’s very well balanced on the wave and drifts nicely down the line. You feel very comfortable unhooked steering with one hand with the kite parked, which lets you focus on surfing the wave.”
“I like the feel of the bar, and everything on the kite feels solid and gives you confidence that this setup can handle anything the ocean throws at you.”

Cool Tech Features
-   Reinforced Surf tough seams    
-   EPI one point inflation
-   Easy view of leading edge size patches


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