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2012 Slingshot Rally Review

Sept 26, 2011

Author: SBC Kiteboard Test Team

Here is SBC Kiteboard's first look at the 2012 Slingshot Rally. We tested it head-to-head with the Cabrinha Drifter.

2012 Slingshot Rally
Size tested: 9 m
MSRP: $1,709 USD
One pump: Yes
Struts: 3
Lines: 4
Pulleys: 0
Control bar: Comp Stick

What we liked:
Built on the success of last year’s successful Slinghot Rally, the all new 9 m size is a welcome addition to the Delta C lineup. The wing tip attachment points have been beefed up for 2012. The Slingshot Rally is one of the easiest relaunching kites we’ve tested, as the pronounced delta shape on the leading edge always makes relaunching effortless; simple stearing input from the bar is all that’s needed to get the kite back up in the air. Bar pressure in the middle setting is noticeably lighter than on the Cabrinha Drifter but delivers similar turning speed. Full depower is easily achieved within arm’s reach, and the big wind range of the Rally allows for some very lofty hooked-in jumps.

Tuning Tip: When set up with the four lines on the same length tuning knot (stock out of the bag setting), the kite never stalls or oversheets. Advanced riders might like to connect the back lines on the shorter setting to slide the kite back in the wind window a bit, but in very marginal conditions if over sheeted, the kite stalls easily.

Buyer Beware: The 9 m Rally doesn’t generate as much power during sharp kite turns, and the kite doesn’t feel as instantly responsive as the Cabrinha Drifter.
Bottom Line: The Slingshot Rally is a better match for beginner to advanced freeriders than the Cabrinha Drifter. Waveriders looking for a large wind range with instant on-off power and effortless relaunch will also enjoy the Rally.
Control Bar:  2012 Rally Review and Comp Stick Test
The first thing you notice when setting up the Slingshot Compstick control bar is that it features some of the beefiest, top quality lines in the business. The trim line cleat is housed on the side and has smooth pull-through. The easy-rotating, front line swivel keeps the lines untwisted and also houses the mini fifth line leash system, which connects below the bar and ensures 100 per cent depower by flagging off the front line. OS emergency flagging handles are fitted on both back lines. The lack of bar end elastics to hold the lines might seem like an oversight at first, but the yellow plastic line holder is a much better system for keeping lines tangle-free.

Slingshot - 2011 Rally from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.

2011 Slingshot Rally from Igor Kremnev on Vimeo.


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