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Best Nemesis HP V3

Sept 20, 2011

Author: SBC Kiteboard Test Review Team

Best Nemesis HP V3
Size Tested: 12, 10
The Best Nemesis HP is back with improvements in canopy shaping and a revised bridle design that delivers better unhooked performance and solidifies its legendary reputation for unmatched vertical lift and big-boosting capability.

Control Bar and Safety Systems
The new Best Redline Performance Control Bar was a much-anticipated late release last summer, and added some solid improvements from its long-standing predecessor. The grip is textured EVA, providing a balance of good grip that’s soft on the hands. The bar tapers from the centre and narrows to the longhorn-style bar ends, which look menacing and provide a great deterrent against the surfer you’ve angered after accidentally stealing a wave or two, or for fending off hungry tiger sharks.
    The Redline keeps the flagging line safety handles on the steering lines—an additional safety feature not offered in every bar system. The redesigned quick release has a smooth and streamlined feel to it, and the body is durable. It’s best to keep it clean and free of sand, as many pin-and-sheath systems reduce its effective operation with poor care. The above-the-bar trim system stays close enough to reach the pull-pull trim strap system, and is preferred by many freestyle riders who unhook a lot and want a guaranteed quick trimming option to tune front lines before unhooking.

Performance Highlights  Best Nemisis V3 Review
• Fast, effortless turning, direct steering
• Easy big booster with solid control for landing
• Improved unhooked performance

On the Water
Best Kiteboarding has stepped it up across the entire line for 2011, with a solid kite performance and kites that are perfectly tuned right out of the bag. The Nemesis has been the go-to kite of the Best line for anyone looking for a big-air freestyle kite that likes to be flown more aggressively and more technically than the other kites in the line, and this year, it truly delivers. There are some unique design features that set the Nemesis apart from many competing SLE shapes, including the Twister Tech leading edge that’s super narrow and built with Best’s exclusive Cuben Fiber cloth. The narrow leading edge gives the Nemesis awesome upwind drive and aerodynamics that lend to big jumps and nimble steering control.
    The improved handling offers good direct feedback, and the turns are fast and pivotal with solid power through the turn and smooth kite loop performance. You can boost on demand with Nemesis, and it remains solid and in control for a soft landing. It sucks up the gust with some decent depower, but like most aggressive high-end kites, it prefers the pedal down. The kite is responsive to bar input, with good levels of feedback that aren’t fatiguing on the arms.
    Also improved from its former incarnation is the unhooked performance of this kite. With some front line trimming, the Nemesis can park and pop with the best of them. It scored in the top ranks against the kites in this test as one of the bigger jumping kites that’s still awesome for unhooked freestyle. All around, the Nemesis delivers with precision steering and top-level freestyle performance.  

Reality Check
The narrow leading edge needs to be pumped to the max for optimum performance. Luckily, the SBC kite team brought the air compressor this year.

Bottom Line
The Nemesis V3 HP returns with reliable high-end performance for the aggressive intermediate to advanced rider. This year’s model can back its claims as the most advanced Nemesis ever built, and reclaim its status as the ultimate surface-to-air missile.


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