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Cabrinha Convert

Sept 20, 2011

Author: SBC Kiteboard Test Team

The Cabrinha Convert is the kite that guarantees to perform in a variety of conditions with the ease and handling of a thoroughbred Cabrinha kite. The Convert is built for value, with handling and performance for the beginner to aspiring pro.

Performance Highlights
• Versatile performance for multiple skill levels
• Smooth and reliable depower
• Huge wind range    

Control Bar and Safety Systems
The Powerdrive IDS control bar has some industry-exclusive features that sets it apart from the average kite bar. The IDS landing line safety system is neatly housed in the centre of the smooth-sheeting PVC trim line, and provides complete flagging off the front two lines in conjunction with the front two IDS bridles. It’s one of the best safety systems for self-landing, as the leading edge is pulled forward and into the wind when engaged. The integrated bar ends are bulky but light and soft on the hands; they act as bar floats, and their cushiony quality reduces the probability of injury to body or board when things go wrong. Also new for this year’s Powerdrive is the Recoil System: the wiry spring keeps the trim strap depower adjusters within reach and also disallows the bar from traveling out of reach when spinning it. The Powerdrive IDS is streamlined for 2011, with improved functionality and user-friendly performance.

On the Water Cabrinha Convert Review
The Convert sits in the Cabrinha kite line as the easy-to-use, do-everything freeride kite for the masses—and it delivers on most of its promises. Progressing riders can be assured of good water relaunch capability, smooth, stable flight, and the easiest point, sheet-in and go power of any kite tested in this round. Test team riders also scored the Convert high in overall results, comparing favourably against the more advanced kites of this test. The Convert had the best wind range, with awesome low-end power and smooth control through gusty winds, giving it some race potential for anyone looking to try their skills on the course.
    With such smooth pull and good gust-sucking ability through the depower throw, in the right hands, the Convert could easily position itself close to the front of the race pack. The large, flat canopy also lets you put some distance into your jumps, and the kite gives good feedback for positioning overhead, reacting quickly to bar input. Water relaunch is better than any of its more aggressive freestyle-freeride Cabrinha kite brethren, and overall safety systems give it top marks for learning the ropes and advancing to racing, big boosting and some simple freestyle.

Reality Check
Being decent at everything can have its disadvantages: if you need like barriers in a single discipline, you might want to diversify with a kite that has more dedicated performance.

Bottom Line
The Convert remains one of the top choices for the fast-learning, progressing rider who wants a kite to dabble in a bit of everything. It’s the most versatile beginner-friendly kite of the test because of its awesome range, simple handling and classically smooth depower.


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