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Ocean Rodeo Rise

Sept 20, 2011

Author: SBC Kiteboard Test Review Team

The Ocean Rodeo Rise returns for 2011 with some fine-tuning and a graphic makeover. The six-strut SLE, with no centre strut, promises versatility and high depower capability for freeride performance and easy access to jumping and good hang time.

Performance Highlights
• Good depower at arm’s length
• Solid safety system
• Simple and effective water relaunch

On the Water
The Rise has become the most evolved shape and Ocean Rodeo’s most popular kite ever. Since it stormed onto the scene several years ago, the Rise has seen steady refinements in canopy shape, strut placement and bridle setup. The six-strut SLE shape is built for lots of abuse, with reinforced Dacron framing and top-quality canopy materials. It also has an easy-working, industry-standard, one-pump inflation system. Refined shaping and some fine-tuning of the bridle system, as well as upgrades in the control bar system, favourably position the new Rise to compete with the industry’s leading progression to intermediate freeride kites. The Rise has simple, easy-to-access performance with ample depower and easy water relaunch. These are traits essential for the progressing rider and anyone who wants an easy relaunching kite that tames gusts without effort.
    The Rise doesn’t have the aggressive  boosting or unhooked freestyle capability of its high-powered companion, the OR Razor, but with less aggressive boost and pull through the pivotal turns, it produces better depower and offers some smooth, gliding hang time during jumps. The good level of depower and nimble, pivotal turns also make the Rise the better option for waveriding in side-on or onshore conditions. Its quick depower capability removes a good amount of pull from the kite from anywhere in the wind window, and it drifts down the line with good consistency. Safety is paramount with this kite, and the new Freeride control system offers the longest depower throw on the market. This setup makes depowering the front lines simple with the smooth, rolling pulley and easy-working, below-the-bar cleat system. The Rise is easy, safe and fun for any progressing rider or freerider who wants to dabble in some waves and boost some gentle hang time.

Reality Check
Some back-stalling can occur with improperly tuned front lines. Also, some of the top contenders in freeride/progression levels have performance that is more appreciated by the advanced-level freestyle and wakestyle riders.

Bottom Line
The OR Rise tames gusty conditions, offering a ride with high depower capability and effortless water relaunch. Progressing riders should consider this kite to advance basic riding skills quickly and safely.


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