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2011 OCEAN RODEO Razor 10m

Jun 17, 2011

Author: SBC Test Team

The Ocean Rodeo Razor is a four line, four strut, SLE – C shaped kite that offers freestyle performance of more constant grunt, direct pull, and solid stability. Its C kite inspired performance features, power through the turns, bomber construction but with effortless water relaunch.

Performance Highlights
• Solid unhooked pull
• Good low end power and pull
• Smooth powered turning for mega loops

On the Water
The Razor offers cutting edge performance for powered freestyle and freeride riders with solid, consistent, pull and formidable unhooked pop. The C shaped canopy has wide and deep wingtips giving it some smooth power delivery through sweeping turns. The Razor sits nicely back in the window and pulls constantly and smoothly while unhooked. It was one of the top ranked kites in this test for unhooking and generating the good, consistent pop that’s essential for dialing in your newest technical, powered maneuver. The quick, powered turns were great for boosting big and there was optimum slack after a load and pop for more technical passes and blind landings. The Razor is one of the few fully bridled kites that you don’t need to excessively trim the front lines before unhooking and throwing down. There is enough depower in the Razor to tame out the gusts and it has sufficient stability and drift to work powered up in side to side on shore wave conditions. Good overall handling and upwind drive with solid stability for freeriding. The Razor is also quick and effortless to water relaunch, so you can get back riding easily, after crashing while you dial in that big unhooked maneuver.

Reality Check
The heavy duty build feels solid but heavier in the lighter winds than some of this year's 3 strut, C inspired, freestyle kites.

Bottom Line
The Razor is the performance packed freestyle kite of the Ocean Rodeo line up and will satisfy the aggressive freestyle rider that wants to push it to the next level. It has some great low end grunt and its ideal for keeping the kite low and getting some big pop for powered freestyle.

Control Bar and Safety Systems
Ocean Rodeo has several bar set ups and the Razor comes with the Freestyle SLE bar which includes a “mini 5th” line safety system that allows you to use either the pull-pull trim strap above the bar system or the standard below the bar trim. The bar has some durable rubberized grip that’s easy to hold on to when you need to. Good working trim loop and doubled up safety features with the O ring sheeting handles on the steering lines. The OR bar is both streamlined and well functioning design.


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