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NAISH Park 8, 10, 12 m

Jun 9, 2011

Author: SBC Test Team

A brand-new model of the Naish line, the Park guarantees performance focused on freeride simplicity with a versatile range of character for every rider in every condition. The powerful profile and full outline deliver consistent pull of a C-type kite and fuse it with the power and control of a swept kite.

• Quick turning and smooth power through the turns and looping
• Smooth and playful while unhooked, good pop
• High-end wind range with smooth consistent pull in gusty conditions

On the Water
The Park is a light and playful weapon with smooth power delivery and delivers fast pivotal turning with ultra light bar pressure. It was rated as a top contender for load and pop and had the fastest, pressure-free bar input, with smooth power turning of the test. The wide wing tips and low aspect central canopy give it great performance while unhooked, and it’s ideal for any rider that likes to session kickers and sliders in the park and then hit the surf when the waves roll in. Unlike the popular Sigma series, the Park sits deeper in the window and drives smoothly off the front lines while unhooked. It has no tendency to back stall and can sit deeper in the window with smooth downwind pull. It’s a quick-pulling kite and faster across the window than some of the other three-strut designs. The Park’s quick, direct feel and its smooth power delivery inspire confidence to regulate pop during tricks and practice any unhooked manoeuvre with a little less aggression than a fully powered C-kite or performance BOW. Although not as stable in gusts and less total depower than the Naish Bolt, the Park still has good amounts of depower and its light and lively feel, and three strut shape, make it capable in a wide range of conditions. Water relaunch is quick and easy with a single steering line pull but not quite as efficient as the Sigma shapes from Naish. There are three turn bar pressure and turning setting on the Park, and even at the slowest and heaviest setting the kite remains quick turning with moderate amounts of bar pressure. This Park’s simple performance and nimble control character, will appeal to riders that want to focus less on sheeting in and to find perfect control and power. It’s easygoing character lets the rider focus on the task at hand, whether that be wave riding, or working on unhooked, powered pop, manoeuvres and easy pulling Kite Looped tricks.

Reality Check
The low-end power was a little on the low side for each size and the lighter positional feedback takes some getting used to.

Bottom Line
Once fully powered, the Park really shows its wakestyle and freestyle potential and its fast turning speeds and smooth control give an edge on any big wave day. Simple, easy to use with good crossover performance and awesome value, the Park is sure to inspire a large following in 2011.

2011 Naish Park ReviewControl Bar and Safety Systems
The Universal Control System is an updated four-line, ergonomic layout that feature a 3 m centre trim line with stopper ball and single front line flagging for 100 per cent depower safety. The grip on the bar has been toughened up and has aggressively textured graphics and finger grips which improve durability over previous years. It’s a little tougher on the hands at first but after a couple of sessions it seems to soften slightly. Smart loop push-away release works well and the trim cleat that adjusts out the side takes some practice but is clean and well placed. The bar length adjustment is simple and an effective way to use one bar for multiple kite sizes. Underneath the floats, the back line adjustment option makes quick work of tuning back line lengths. The Naish bar is polished and effective, and represents one of the most streamlined and cleanest functional systems available.

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