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North Vegas 11 m

Jun 9, 2011

Author: SBC Kiteboard Test Team

The North Vegas is a hybrid five-line, C-kite that has been the new school freestyle kite of the formidable North lineup for many years. This 2011 Vegas sees refined levels of performance with small changes in construction materials and design that have made some formidable improvements.

• Faster, crisp feel, ultra stable and reliable pull
• Mega Looping machine
• Freeride with depower setting or pure new school C-kite pull setting

On the Water
Compared to last season, the new Vegas has smoother and crisper feel, most likely attributed to the new D2 canopy material and small refinements in shape. This is an easy-to-use C-kite that has plenty of depower while set in the freeride, faster turning mode. It’s a top choice for any advancing rider that wants to try new school, wakestyle manoeuvres that are harder to learn on the SLE and Delta shapes. The Vegas has the perfect combination of pure freestyle performance with plenty of forgiving depower. The canopy remains solid and flutterless, with stability and direct steering. There is noticeably less bar pressure than the North Rebel and the Vegas has perfect amounts of positional feedback. In the freeride setup the kite is quick turning and reactive to bar input. The Kite Loops deliver the ultimate in smooth power and pull as the kite always seems to catch you for a soft landing. Mega Loopers take note, the Vegas stands above the rest for consistent and smooth powered Loops. For freeriders that like to boost big and float long jumps, the Vegas delivers in this category also. It not only keeps you up in the air for good amounts of time, but is reactive and quick to let you down when you need it to. Changing the Vegas front line setting to the new-school mode, gives the kite a lot less depower but enhances the smooth powered pull and rock solid stability while unhooked. It drives nicely on autopilot while unhooked and delivers that consistent pull and perfect line slack after the load and pop for the unhindered handle pass. Also improved over last season is the quick water relaunch. The Vegas pivots very easily with a quick pull of the fifth line, followed by a steering line pull.

Bottom Line
The crisper feel and faster turning speed will excite freeriders that want the ultimate in big hang time and most consistent mega looping performance out there. New-school freestyle junkies that don’t care for depower will appreciate the consistent park and pop that the Vegas delivers.

North Control BarControl Bar and Safety Systems
The fifth edition of the tried-and-tested Fifth Element Trust bar keeps this system ahead of the game with ultimate in effective fifth line flagging safety and overall functionality in trim and line management. The new Iron Heart IV sets the standard for hassle-free engagement even under extreme load. The Vario cleat trim system is one of the cleanest, smoothest to adjust, and most customizable systems available. Over the years North has built upon the functionality of this bar with well-engineered components as the below-the-bar swivel makes manually untwisting your lines a simple task.

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