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Slingshot Fuel 11 m

Jun 9, 2011

Author: SBC Test TEam

The 2011 Fuel celebrates its 10th anniversary as the world’s most unrivaled four-line C-kite. Designed specifically for the expert rider that wants deliberate power, fearless looping and unwavering recovery, the Fuel delivers the ultimate performance for new school, wakestyle and high-powered freestyle disciplines.

• Bomber constructed for the hardcore wakestyle crashes
• C-kite pull, with unmatched smooth control whilst unhooked
• Impressive steering line pull water relaunch

Slingshot 2011 ReviewsControl Bar and Safety Systems
The 2011 Comp Stick delivers some great safety and performance with 700 lb test lines and solid working push-away safety systems. The rubberized grip is durable and textured for no-look bar positioning. The active stopper ball system’s ultra long throw line are made possible with the below-the-bar cleat system. The cleat adjustment is located below the bar and gives the ability of a ton of trim length. The large swivel at the front line V, make this bar system the best at never having twists in the front lines. The safety system is engaged as the mini-fifth line pulls smoothly through the trim loop. It allows for reliable re ride performance. The Active Stopper ball is appreciated for its ability to be moved by pushing the bar up the trim line. Many stopper ball systems are fixed and can only be moved with your hand. Overall, the Comp Stick bar has some great engineered parts that give it top levels of safety and performance.

On the Water
The Fuel is one of the few remaining true four-line, C-kites on the market and in 2011 it builds on its legendary status as the ultimate in true C-kite performance of direct steering, smooth unhooked pull and awesome levels of pop and boosting capability. Upon first inspection, the bomber Slingshot construction always lends confidence that this wing can handle a ton of heavy crashes. Slick graphics and colour combos, and lots of reinforcements with a solid working one-pump system, the kite turns heads in the sky and on the beach. The beefy, low-aspect shape pulls smoothly and generates great amounts of low-end power. With no pulleys or bridles this kite delivers direct input and has perfect positional feedback. Incredibly smooth power through the arc with no flutter and rock-solid stability lets you concentrate on sticking the handle pass, grab, or any wakestyle trick in your bag. The Fuel is really all about unhooking and throwing down, as it sits deeper in the window and gives consistent and stable pull, with nice line slacking. Smooth, consistent and powerful Kite Looping ability, with no flutter through canopy as the Fuel travels reliably at the top of the window. It’s not as quick around as the North Vegas in its fast turning but the wide wing tips produce the smoothest pull through the arc of any kite on the test. It is really unmatched in unhooked, park-and-pop style riding. Depower is available with some trimming to keep the kite more ahead in the window. Gusts are tamed slightly with sheeting the bar out and smooth power delivery is always there for the most consistent unhooked pull available. The Fuel also bucks the trend that the four-line C-kites are more technical to water relaunch. The Fuel actually pivots onto its wing tip with the an easy pull of the steering line. The Fuel boosts well but its forte is unhooked not sent jumps and the higher aspect C-kites seem to float longer jumps, where the Fuel concentrates on pure the smooth wakestyle pull and is consistent up and stable for up and down.

Reality Check
With no fifth line, the Fuel bladders need to be pumped rock hard to avoid a jelly fishing canopy.

Bottom Line
The Fuel’s legend continues and any advanced rider that wants to take their park and wakestyle riding to the next level should consider this kite. Its solid unhooked drive will let you concentrate on sticking those tricks that you had almost given up on your bridled kite.

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