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2011 LIQUID FORCE Havoc, 8 m, 10 m, 12 m

Mar 18, 2011

Author: Shane Thompson / SBC Kiteboard Test Team

The 2011 Liquid Force Havoc received the highest overall test score from the SBC Kiteboard test team. Tied for first in stability, unhooked, and wakestyle. (SBC Kiteboard magazine 2011 head-to-head surf kite test, Issue 12.1)

• Lighting quick turning
• smoothness and stability
• reliable relaunch

In its fifth evolution, the legendary Havoc returns as the all-terrain, high-performance workhorse of the formidable LF lineup. Back again as the four-strut hybrid SLE with no middle strut, the Havoc boasts lightning quick turning, smooth lift and the ultimate in speed, stability and versatility. A pure chameleon of performance, the Havoc is comfortable in diverse conditions from progressive freestyle and wake style to fast-action wave riding.

Liquid Force CPR Control SystemControl Bar and Safety Systems
The LF CPR Control System was a Test Team favourite last season with some great new design features that deliver high levels of safety and functionality. At its core, the CPR trim loop is a three-piece molded design which has no metal or moving parts. Although the loop detaches entirely from the system when engaged, it’s superbly easy to reattach with one hand. The CPR also houses the cleat at its centre to adjust trim line length for depower. With this long centre trim line, the CPR offers two options for flagging safety. Attached to the mainline, the kite will depower 90 per cent and is the best option for re ride capability. There is also 100 per cent flagging from the mini fifth-line attachment, which flags off a single front line. Streamline floats and an aggressively narrow, textured grip round off the LF CPR Control System. Great levels of safety and functionality match this bar well to the high performance of the new Havoc.

Kite Performance
The bomber construction of the Havoc is impressive and detailed. From the Dacron wing tips to the substantial reinforcements and leading edge bumpers, this kite is ready for abuse in any arena. The Havoc has raised the bar for performance in 2011 with the marked improvements in speed through the window, bigger and more controlled boosting capability and smoother powered turning. Rider test results ranked the Havoc in the top three for most of the categories tested including: stability, wind range, depower, load and pop and big boosting. These results prove how versatile the Havoc is and why it remains a market contender for top spot in the overall versatility category. Head-to-head in the waves, the Havoc gives good stable performance, fast turning and has direct positional feedback. Depower comes on easily within arm’s-reach and the kite responds well even when depowered. It’s fast and nimble across the window and the smaller sizes behave as smoothly and predictably as the larger size. If you have been on a Havoc before and are ready for the next level, this year’s model will push you into that upper level with no restrictions.
Liquid Force Havoc Review
Reality Check
The Havoc may not feel as direct as some of the other kites with no pulleys on the steering line. This helps for unhooked stability but detracts for the most nimble of steering in waves.

Bottom Line
The fifth generation Havoc is an all-terrain demon that gears itself to the intermediate/advanced rider that needs high levels of performance without compromise. Whether you’re in the park, the surf, boosting high-powered freestyle or just freeriding, the Havoc will not disappoint.


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