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2011 Slingshot Rally

Mar 18, 2011

Author: Shane Thompson/SBC Kiteboard Test Team

SBC Kiteboard test team ranked the 2011 Slingshot Rally in the surf head-to head test as the best in depower (tied with Varial), and best overall surf performance. (tied with Rebel)

• One of the fastest turning speeds of the test
• Direct, pivotal steering, with no pulleys
• Quick and effortless water relaunch

The Rally is the open Delta C shape, three-strut deign that delivers smooth power, through pulley-free bridles. With its lightened weight and solid build the Rally delivers maximum stability in gusty conditions. With its direct snappy feel, solid power and good versatile performance, the Rally is suited to a wide range of conditions, skill levels and disciplines.
2011 Slingshot Rally Review
Kite Performance
The Rally is an impressive all-around kite with one of the fastest pivotal turns of the test along with good amounts of instant depower. In a head-to-head analysis it ranked first in stability, turning speed and water relaunch. In the stability category, this kite has no tendency for back stalling or over-flying the window, which makes it ideal for beginners/intermediates and sessioning the waves.
    There was a good amount of low-end power with its flat canopy shape, and the Rally’s overall wind range was one of the largest. The quick pivotal turning, arm’s-length depower and superb stability make the Rally one of the top choices for dedicated wave riding. The Rally gives almost perfect feedback and is responsive even at high levels of depower. The compact, pulley-free bridles keep the kite stable and flutter free through turns and the positional feedback is direct and responsive. Bar pressure is light but doesn’t force visual searching for kite’s position in the sky. There is the perfect lack of that mushy feeling of pulleys, replaced instead with a feeling of solid connection and control. The Rally is not the most ideal kite for unhooked freestyle, as Slingshot’s Fuel and the RPM focus on filling that realm. That being said, while unhooked, the Rally doesn’t run away on you, which means there’s plenty of performance for learning the basics of unhooked popped tricks. With the flat canopy shape and its lightweight design, the Rally is a good boosting kite, with plenty of float and drive. During big jumps it responds quickly and smoothly to input, ensuring butter-soft landings.

Reality Check
The Rally will be appreciated by the weekend warrior freerider that loves waves but it’s not as versatile or freestyle capable as some might prefer.

Bottom Line

The Rally is a top contender as an ideal wave kite of this test. Its superior stability, good jumping character and nimble steering control, make it an ideal choice for the freerider that loves to tear up the surf, and boost some jumps with hassle free, simple performance and a bomb proof construction.

Slingshot Compstick Control Bar tested in SBC KiteboardControl Bar and Safety Systems
The 2011 Comp Stick delivers some great safety and performance with 700 lb test lines and solid working push-away safety systems. The rubberized grip is durable and textured for no look, bar positioning. The active stopper ball systems, ultra long throw line are made possible with the below-the-bar cleat system, allowing for a ton of trim length. The large swivel at the front line V, make this bar system the best at never having twists in the front lines. The safety system is engaged as the mini fifth line pulls smoothly through the trim loop. It allows for reliable re-ride performance. The Active Stopper ball is appreciated for its ability to be moved by pushing the bar up the trim line. Many stopper ball systems are fixed and can only be moved with your hand. Overall, the Comp Stick bar has some great engineered parts that give it top levels of safety and performance.

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