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2011 Epic Kiteboarding preview

Sept 28, 2010

Author: / Dimitri Meremanides

Epic Kites

All I want to say is before you decide to buy your next kite make sure you test drive an Epic kite, because I know you will be very impressed with its construction, graphics and performance.  Plus the customer service in incredible.  Check the forums and you will see what riders are saying about these kites.

Biggest News
The biggest news for 2011 is that our models will be even better then 2010.  We had such an incredible  2010 year that most of our customers asked us not to change anything on the 2010 Epic Kites, but we knew we could make them even better by improving the construction and the performance.
All our 2011 models (Renegade & Screamer) had such a big success for 2010 that for 2011 we decided to keep the same kites but improve on the construction and on the performance.  But the biggest challenge was the Renegade 11.  We wanted to make this kite more powerful with less bar pressure and faster than its predecessor. To pull this off we went back to the drawing board and started from scratch! Proudly, we announce the 2011 Renegade 11 meter, which is substantially more powerful, significantly faster, and totally stable!
New technologies
We are improving the construction and on the Screamer 10 ltd we are doing something special that no other company has done. We did something very unique on the strut ends to improve the stifness of the trailing edge.

Kite Models2011 Epic Renegade

The 2011 Epic Renegade is a new freestyle/wave kite that combines the best of both worlds. The turn of the kite increases in power throughout the arc by pivoting off of the wing tip. This makes for powered kite loops unlike anything on the market. You need a kite that helps you find this nirvana, one that takes you to a new level and pushes the limits of what is possible for waves, wake style, and powered moves. With 100% depower and incredible stability the Epic Renegade leads in all categories of riding. Smooth lively and responsive the steering makes it the ideal kite for surfing and a blast to ride in any condition. New riders will appreciate it’s superb ease of use, unreal stability and ultra easy relaunch, while advanced riders will benefit from a predictable kite that has a steady pull through the turns, eats gusts and waits for your next command!

The Epic Screamers was designed by legendary rider Dimitri Maramenides, this is the ultimate weapon for big jumps, hang time, and unhooked moves. If you’re interested in jumping higher, riding faster and escalating every level of your kite surfing experience, then the screamer is what you want to ride. This is the kite for those that will accept nothing less than excellence in all categories. The experienced rider will enjoy the top end competition ready performance the screamer offers, while the intermediate appreciates the fast re-launch and effortless turning that makes every session a progress builder. Thus making the 2011 Screamer the “all access” kite for any segment of the sport - from racing to hang time to unbelievable pop and incredible unhooked riding and turning speed, this kite delivers. Whether your goal is to win competitions or just take your riding to the next level, the screamer is the kite you have been looking for. Try one today!

The Epic Screamer 10 limited edition is an extremely powerful kite using the same design characteristics as the screamer but with a slightly different profile making this 10 meter as powerful as any other 12 meter kite in the market.  For 2011 we decided to tweak the plans of the 10 ltd and make this kite become part of you, improving the direct feel.  So now not only do you get the amazing hang time but, the unhooking is even better then last years model, with powerful grunt amazing pop and explosive jumps.

Board models

The Spartans will be the 2011 boards from epic kites.  They will come in 3 sizes (129x39 / 135x42 / 135x47) with a core wood.
These boards were designed for 3 types of riding style.  Frestyle 129x39/ wakestyle 135x42 / light wind machine 135x47.

Website address: www.Epickites.Com

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