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2011 Naish Kiteboarding Gear Preview

Sept 18, 2010

Author: / Damien Girardin

Naish Kiteboarding

Biggest news
Introduction of two brand new kites: the Bolt and the Park.

The most exciting kite for us this year is the Park. This kite was designed using our experience of C-shapes design (Torch) mixed with advantage of bridled kites. We have then designed a kite that’s a “swept compact C™”. It is more compact than a C-shape and then only needs three struts which bring a lighter kite with great low end. Like Sam Light would say, you get the best of both world: smooth power threw the turns and the range of an sle, making it the easiest way to have a lot of fun.

New technologies
With all the new options available in light wind boards like our barnd new Venturi, riders are pushing the envelope of what is considered rideable.  The new LWR (Light Wind Relaunch) comes now as an option on the Bolt and Park. It gives the rider complete confidence when going out in the lightest of wind.  This system lifts the wingtip independent of the rear leader line, and cups the trailing edge for instant relaunch.  The LWR works when nothing else will.

Kites2011 Naish Bolt

Bolt: The Bolt is built on our Sigma foundation to provide stability, fast turning, and solid bar feel. Featuring the new Evolutive Profile, the Bolt is power-oriented in the large sizes and control-focused in the smaller sizes. The Geo-Tech construction maintains the designed shape and ensures a long lasting kite. The Bolt is for riders who demand performance over the broadest range of conditions.  It incorporates the newest design DNA for incredible stability, direct bar feel, fast turning, and easy jumping. Available Aug 2010

The world views the Torch as the benchmark in C kites.  Its proven pedigree of performance makes it the perfect choice for riders looking for a kite that is equally at home on the competition circuit, or when riding unhooked in the waves. The Torch has depower similar to a bridled, by virtue of its ability to fly quickly to the edge of the window.  The smooth power delivery and easy handling make hooked or un-hooked riding effortless.  The Shift Control system allows easy water relaunch and arc support. Kevin Langeree marched to the top of the podium and earned the World Championship Title using the Torch.  For 2011, the Torch continues its unsurpassed performance with polished refinements that will take all riders to the next level.  Available Aug 2010

2011 Naish ParkPark
The Park is a performance-focused kite condensed into an easy, simple package. The Park’s three-strut design is stable and responsive.  This configuration, combined with a powerful profile and full outline gives the Park the consistent pull of a “C” type kite and the power control of a swept kite.  The swept leading edge positions the wingtips behind the center of the kite, which gives the kite easy relaunch capabilities and maximizes depower. The “do everything” nature of the Park opens up a huge range of performance options for the rider.  It is the perfect tool whether you are focusing on sticking that handle-pass rotation, bashing the lip, or maximizing your freeride time on the water. Available Fall 2010


The Thorn CC delivers the most direct power for light-wind efficiency, upwind drive and explosive freestyle pop on-demand. The Thorn's relatively more parallel outline, wider tips and low rocker-line perfectly balance locked-in grip with essential control. The board’s midsection flex has been tuned for 2011—through the addition of composite I-beams through the wood core—locking the top and bottom laminates into a higher-tension framework for greater board control.
2011 MOMENTUM2011 Naish Momentum
The Momentum offers absolute versatility thanks to smooth edging, balanced power, easy control, consistent planing and limitless performance potential.
While the Momentum was initially built with massive freestyle pop and control for the wake-style rider, it has also taken its place in the market as a leading freeride board. With a wide surface area, increased rocker and great flex— the Momentum encourages you to push yourself to the next level.
2011 HAZE

The Haze delivers reliable performance for all riders in all conditions. Outline, rocker and flex have all been engineered to provide power when needed and control at a moments notice. It offers an unmatched combination of reliability and user-friendliness to help take your riding wherever you want to go.
Modern raceboard designs have doubled the number of days you can kite—by their ability to plane in much lighter wind, while pointing far higher upwind. With the Venturi, Naish has developed the first competitive board in this category, with riding comfort far superior to anything else on the market. So while boards designed to win will continue to evolve to meet the demands of the world's most dedicated professional racers, the Venturi will endure as an amazing light-wind weapon that is actually enjoyable to ride!
Naish Wakeskate2011 WAKESKATE
Riders continue to expand their riding with new tools and riding styles. The Wakeskate is the new board for extending the possibilities of riding behind a kite.  A great addition to any quiver of boards, the Wakeskate turns any condition into a good session.
2011 CUSTOM WAVE2011 Naish Global
Ten options dedicated to one purpose—Surf. The Custom range offers the industry's highest-performance shapes, the leading premium construction technology and the most expansive selection. While each model offers unique performance, we are proud of the fact that no matter which Custom you choose, you will be completely stoked.

Other News

        With all the new options available in light wind boards, riders are pushing the envelope of what is considered rideable.  
        The new LWR (Light Wind Relaunch) comes now as an option on the Bolt and Park. It gives the rider complete confidence when going out in the lightest of wind.  This system lifts the wingtip independent of the rear leader line, and cups the trailing edge for instant relaunch.  The LWR works when nothing else will.

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