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Wainman Boss 12 m

Jul 16, 2010

Author: SBC Kiteboard Test Team

Style: Four line Delta three strut
The 12 m Boss is the beefy leading edged and grunty Delta-inspired three strut design of the Rabbit Gang of kites from legendary Lou Wainman and crew. The Big Mamma promises to deliver the goods in light wind for versatile performance for the bigger rider and light wind capability for the standard build.

Control Bar and Safety Systems

The Wainman Control four line control bar features the traditional long horn bar ends and has nice a soft grip with comfortable finger moldings. The nicely styled bar floats have a streamlined shape and the leader lines are housed in protective PU. The centre trim line is also PU covered, and runs into a cleated trim system for above-the-bar adjustments. Both centre lines can be used to flag the kite and an optional through-the-bar leash system can be used for added convenience. The safety trim loop is two-piece sheathed Kevlar strapping system and the loop disconnects from the bar when engaged. Overall, a nicely designed bar with more than acceptable functionality on all levels.

Wainman Bar

On The Water

The Wainman Rabbit gang inspires confidence in their quality from the get go with their completely decked out kite bag that not only easily fits the kite in its own separate sack but has exclusive compartments for both pump and bar in addition to the nice comfortable shoulder straps. In the air the Boss 12 m has some good all-around Delta performance with good low-end power and moderately quick pivotal steering. The Boss 12 has performance that inspires you to park and pop and in lighter winds. With stable controlled pull when trimmed properly the Boss inspires confidence to try those unhooked manoeuvres that can have greater consequences when the wind is really driving.
    Heavier riders will find the Boss turns quicker with less pressure and the kite itself holds together well through the gusts. It has a thick leading edge but with compact bridles it has a grunty but stable and nimble feel. Depower comes on at arm’s length and can be fully depowered with a quick trim line adjustment. The stability and well tuned character of the Boss is evidenced by the absolute lack of backstalling or funky flying characteristic of earlier bridled designs. For the big guy that’s looking for a 12 m to push into the higher winds, this kite is ideal. For lighter weight riders the Boss has some good light wind capability and performs well in waves or flat water. Similar to the Best Kahoona in character, the Test Team also preferred the Boss on shorter line setup. For safety and water relaunch capability the Boss gets top marks as the compact bridle system relaunches the kite at the edge of the window for those nicely controlled and non-aggressive relaunches.

Reality Check
The large sized leading edge makes the kite a little beefy to pull upwind when the wind is lighter, but it fits the bill for the bigger rider that wants solid low-end power.

Bottom Line

The Wainman Boss has big character and loveable performance that grows with you the more you session it. It’s an ideal choice for the bigger riders who want more grunty performance for any condition and doubles as a light wind kite for the masses. The Delta 3 strut design is lightweight, and compact but delivers excellent all-around performance that’s equally ideal for the freeride crowd or wakestyle enthusiasts.


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