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Wainman Smoke 9 m

Jul 16, 2010

Author: SBC Kiteboard Test Team

Style: Four line Delta 3 Strut
The Smoke is the 9 m, three strut Delta-shaped design of the Rabbit Gang kite line developed by Wainman Hawaii. These do-it-all shapes have highly tunable performance for every rider in every condition with top quality construction and materials.

Control Bar and Safety Systems

The Wainman Control four line control bar features the traditional long horn bar ends and has a nice soft grip with comfortable finger moldings. The nicely styled bar floats have a streamlined shape and the leader lines are housed in protective PU. The centre trim line is also PU covered, and runs into cleated trim system for above-the-bar adjustments. Both centre lines can be used to flag the kite and an optional through-the-bar leash system can be used for added convenience. The safety trim loop is two piece sheathed Kevlar strapping system and the loop disconnects from the bar when engaged. Overall, a nicely designed bar with more than acceptable functionality on all levels.

Wainman Bar

On The Water
The 2010 Wainman Smoke is a standout in the SLE category with top quality performance and a forgiving character for multiple skill levels and disciplines. With a crazy graphic scheme and top notch build features, this kite attracts attention on the beach like just like legendary rider Lou Waiman. The Smoke is aimed at any rider, riding in any conditions. Be it waves, freestyle, sliders/kickers or just cruising around, the Smoke does it all and does it well. The Wainman kites seem well built with top quality materials and extra reinforcement in the right areas. With just three struts and a leading edge, the Rabbit Gang gets you on the water fast and comes very close to negating the need for one pump. The three strut construction makes these kite light and reactive in the air. They have all the versatility of the Delta design with simple and direct steering and optimum levels of depower.
    The Smoke is also very tunable and is a really smooth kite in the sky, making it perfect for just about any type of riding you want to throw at it. The Smoke can be tuned for fast pivotal turning, making it ideal for wave riding, as it gets you in and out of critical spots on the wave and has nice drift for riding down the line. In the slower turning wakestyle mode the Smoke has consistent pull and is plenty smooth enough for unhooked wakestyle. In the faster setting the Smoke can throw down some mega loops and won’t disappoint riders of any style. After pushing the limits in a slick session, SBC Tester, Craig Cunningham commented: “The Smoke is ideal for anyone looking to progress their riding be it in the surf, chop or flatwater. I don’t think this kite would hold anybody back at any level of kiteboarding, this thing does everything well and is definitely at the top of the list for SLE kites in 2010!”

Reality Check
With all the bells and whistles on the feature-packed bag and the graphic styling, it’s surprising there isn’t a one-pump system. The trim loop could also be stiffer to make it easier to hook in and out of.

Bottom Line
The Smoke is a versatile design with compact shape, simple bridles and performance that can be appreciated by anyone. The Wainman Rabbit Gang of kites proves that well thought out and good functioning designs can hold there own against the longer standing performance leaders.


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