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2010 Kitesurfing Kite Reviews

2011 Airush One Review
Nov 23, 2010
Airush is pushing the limits of Delta design with the all new single strut kite. The One features a flat canopy arch and deep profile for generating maximum power for its...
RRD Religion
Jul 16, 2010
Style: Four Line SLE Wave The RRD Religion is the four line bridled design built for performance that’s designed specifically for down-the-line wave riding. RRD...
Starkites ExA
Jul 16, 2010
Style: Four line SLE Hybrid The 2010 ExA is Starkites’ high-performance freestyle hybrid kite that offers big jumping capability, and high powered freestyle mega...
Best Kahoona
Jul 16, 2010
Style: Four line SLE Delta The Best Kahoona returns this season as the true workhorse and the most versatile performer of the Best lineup. This quad strut, delta canopy...
Airush Vapor X
Jul 16, 2010
Style: 4 line SLE The Airush Vapor X is the all new high performance four line SLE that offers the most aggressive performance of the extensively revamped AIRUSH 2010...
All Terrain Freeride head-to-head kitesurfing...
May 17, 2010
ALL-TERRAIN FREERIDE Best Waroo Naish Cult F-One Bandit III North Fuse Liquid Force Havoc Airush Varial, Slingshot Octane NobileT5 The All-Terrain...
Progressive Freeride Head-to-Head Test
May 17, 2010
PROGRESSIVE FREERIDE Vari Vulcan Airush Lithium Liquid Force Envy Griffin Nobile N62 Progressive Freeride _ learning the ropes and beyond Choosing your first kite...
2010 Lightwind kitesurf kites
May 12, 2010
Lightwind kitesurfing kites - One of the main benefits of today’s bridled kites is the distinct improvement in low-end power and reactive steering of the larger...
Airush Varial
May 11, 2010
Size Tested: 8, 10, 12 m Style: Four-line SLE Hybrid The all new Airush Varial is the all new All-Terrain, all-puropose workhorse, of the Airush lineup. Replacing the...
Airush Lithium
May 11, 2010
Size Tested: 6, 8, 13 m Style: Four-line Delta Hybrid, four strut The Lithium steps into the Airush lineup where the DNA left off. It promises the ideal combination...
Best Waroo
May 10, 2010
Size Tested: 11 m Style: Four-line Delta Wing Tip hyrid Building on the success of their Delta wing tip shaped Kahoona, the 2010 Best Waroo takes the Delta shape a...
Cabrinha Crossbow IDS
May 9, 2010
Size Tested: 13, 11, 9 m Style: Seven Strut BOW kite The Crossbow started the BOW revolution and remains a powerhouse of speed and control, versatility and security....
Cabrinha Switchblade
May 9, 2010
Best Four-Line Safety System Sizes tested: 7, 9, 12 m Style: BOW, five strut Now in its fifth season, the Cabrinha 2010 Switchblade IDS has even more refined...
Cabrinha Nomad
May 9, 2010
SBC Kiteboard tested the all new Cabrinha Nomad over the better part of two months in the small surf at Sauble Beach, Ont., on Lake Huron and in the butter-flat...
Flysurfer SPEED3 Deluxe
May 8, 2010
Size Tested: 15 m Style: Four line Foil The Flysurfer Speed 3 is a high performance foil design that pushes the limits of lightwind riding, with ample depower, great...
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